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IKI- 30. Устройство защита от перегруза или коротких замыканий небольших и средних трансформаторов

IKI- 30. Устройство защита от перегруза или коротких замыканий небольших и средних трансформаторов

Устройство защита от перегруза или коротких замыканий небольших и средних трансформаторов

Устройство применимо для силовых трансформаторов мощностью от 160кВА до 12,5МВА в качестве защиты от перегруза, коротких замыканий, замыканий на землю в сочетании с выключателем или в качестве защиты от перегруза в сочетании с выключателем нагрузки или предохранителями.


Transformer Monitor IKI-30

Intelligent transformer monitoring

Applicable for transformers with nominal power Pn:
160..2500kVA (@5-15kV); 250..7500kVA(@20-25kV); 400..12000kVA(@30-36kV)
Application a) Overcurrent- and short circuit/earth fault protection by combination of IKI-30 and circuit breaker/ load breaker
Application b) Overcurrent protection by combination of IKI-30 with load breaker and high voltage fuses; (tripping by IKI-30 disabled in range of short circuit current; disconnection by high voltage fuses)

Selectable tripping options:

- DMT definite minimum time characteristic (ANSI 51)
- IDMT inverse definite minimum time characteristic (ANSI 51);
2 curves available
- instantaneous overcurrent characteristic (ANSI 50)
- external, fast tripping without delay
- optionally: earth-fault stage characteristic (ANSI 50N, 51N)

Release of tripping coil optionally:

- low power tripping coil (no external power supply needed)
- standard tripping coil (with separate power storage unit PSU)

Self test, On-site function test by test button; relay for watchdog alarm

Event-Recorder for up to 16 events; download by interface-cable to PC (only for type IKI-30E)

Maintenance-free, power supply by current transformer power supply buffered by lithium battery (live cycle > 15 years, if current transformers are not connected)

Technical data

Pick-up current Is: 3 ranges for each range 16 values adjustable; range 1: 5..20 A; range 2: 25..100A;
range 3: 110..260 A
Short circuit level I>>:
short circuit-threshold
ratio I>>/Is 8 values selectable (2..20)
short circuit delay time tI>> 8 values selectable (0..2s); disabling of tripping possible
Overcurrent level I>:
- Independent overcurrent
pick-up value I>/ Is 8 values selectable (1,1..3)
delay time tI> 16 values selectable (1..300s)
- IDMT 1 (IEC very invers) start point I>/ Is 8 values selectable (1,1..3)
IDMT 2 (IEC extremely invers) start point I>/ Is 8 values selectable (1,1..3)
characteristic shift: v 8 values selectable (0,05..10 s)
Optionally earth stage Ie>:
earth fault-pick-up value
ratio Ie>/Is 8 values selectable (0,1..2)
earth fault delay time tIe> 8 values selectable (0..5 s)
Frequency: 50/60 Hz selectable
Inherent delay: approximately 43 ms
Reset: after 2h or automatic after current recovery or manual by key
Power supply: by current transformers; if primary current > 1 A;
complete supply if primary current > 5A; buffered by lithium battery
Current transformers: connected to input 1, 2, 3:
optionally to input 4:
split core current transformer type IKI- 30 LU
balanced current split core transformer (only for type IKI-30E)
type depending on diameter
Outputs: 2 Alarmrelays:
Tripping Output:
load 230VAC/DC, 5A; N.C. or N.O. selectable
suitable for coil 3V@0,02Ws; special version for coil 24V@0,1Ws
According to: IEC 60255-5
Operating/storage temperatur: -25°C .. +55°C / -30 ... +70 °C
Housing: front panel mounting
recommended cut:
(acc. to DIN 43700); IP 40
96 x 48 x 80 mm (w x h x d)
92 x 45 mm (w x h)
Part.-numbers: - Protection Relay type IKI-30_1:
- with earth stage type IKI-30E1
- with earth stage; tripping-output 24V@0,1Ws type IKI-30E2
- Wall mountable housing
- Low-Power Trip Coil IKI-30-TC
- Interface-Cable for PC / IKI-30
2500286 (Relays: NC) | 2501286 (Relays: NO)
2500287 (Relays: NC) | 2501287 (Relays: NO)
2503287 (Relays: NC) | 2504287 (Relays: NO)
2500994 wxhxd = 180x110x137 mm
2500275 3 V, 0.02Ws
2501047 cable with USB connector for download the eventrecorder to a PC

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