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4 main regions punching card exterior partitions + multimedia art installations
The works will be scattered in special corners of the venue and offered in one of a kind ways. They may be more or less divided into 4 regions. The "Graffiti hall" at the principle entrance makes use of large LEDs to display the highlights of the exhibition and introduce its creation technique; "Showroom" is offered on the outside wall of The Showroom in which Artelli is positioned in the creative style of Mr Doodle; the "Graffiti Rubik's cube" on the primary floor of Morpheus is a multimedia paintings, all six sides are full of graffiti snap shots, creating a dynamic changing effects; and the "Graffiti Wall of affection" inside the south place of ​​the primary ground will only be exhibited from August 22 to 27. It uses strains and patterns to define the artist's advantages for love, and all and sundry can participate in the creation together. Inside the interactive artwork colorations are painted at the walls.
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